As safe as they are stylish, Earthlust are the Eco-Chic Designer bottles that are made from food grade stainless. The bottles are custom-designed using non-toxic paints and BPA free polypropylene lids, with new artworks introduced regularly. Earthlust is committed to upholding human rights and ethical standards of conduct, ensuring that suppliers provide safe working environments free from child and forced labour and suitable hours and wages. Earthlust will not sell goods that are the results of unacceptable working conditions. The bottles are available in three sizes: 380ml, 600ml, and 1 Litre. All bottles come with a polypropylene screw lid and the 380ml and 600ml have the option of an additional sports cap. With a bottle to match every personality, Earthlust bottles are great gift idea. They are an investment in your health, are environmentally friendly and look beautiful too.

New Products For November - Earthlust